18th Street Garage Rehabilitation

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Current Property

A Garage in Need of Some TLC

Sitting unused for years, the 18th Street alley garage is a diamond in the rough.

Working with CORE architecture + design, inc. (CORE), we will rehabilitate the historic garage. We intend to honor its original character, unique shape and egress components.


1906 - original structure
1910 - additional structure was added

Original Use

Luxury car parking garage

Past uses

Art restoration shop
Recently has sat unused as a storage facility.


CoLuca purchased the building in 2016


Allowable Development Standards




MU-5-A (Alley Lot)




20 Feet


2.0 Non-residential (Per DCMR 11 § 402.2)

Rear & Side Yard Setback

5 Feet


Up to 6 spaces required, not including:

-50% reduction for access to mass transit
- Credit given for existing parking spaces provided
- 50% addition to existing building - none required

Future property

Progress Renderings of Architecture and Design

The architecture project is a work in progress. As the plans are refined, we will post the latest renderings here.

Our intent is to preserve the facade of the 18th Street Garage.  We will maintain the brick structures and current placement of the garage bays and windows.

A structural engineer has assessed the roof structure and it has been deemed structurally not sound. While we need to replace the roof, we will maintain the shape and mimic the aesthetic of the current roof.  

To maximize the FAR, and at the suggestions of HPRB, we will be adding dormers to the sides of the building, we will add a 2nd floor and maximize the FAR to ~1.95 (max FAR: 2.0).

Potential Development Calculations

2nd Floor: 5,095 sqft*
 * excludes terrace: 460 sqft
1st Floor: 5,550 sqft
Basement: 5,550 sqft
Total Usable: 16,650 sqft
Total FAR: ~1.95

About us

Future Home of Maga Design

Converting a historic Admo garage into a space for creatives

Maga Design is a creative agency specializing in strategy and communications design for large companies and federal agencies, locally and nationally.

Founded in 2006 out of the Affinity Lab, Maga Design has called Adams Morgan home since (YEAR). AdMo offers a vibrant, unique setting that has attracted highly talented artists and technologists, due to the culture of the neighborhood.

Adams Morgan has supported our growth from a fledgling start-up into a thriving small business and we look forward to our permanent home in the 18th Street Garage.

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